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Metal Grinder Tool

Wet Dust Collector

Keep shops clean and safe from flying metal particles.


Wet dust collector sold by GMC Machine Tools.

Safe and efficient wet dust collector for metal particles.

Collecting hazardous metal particles from your work area has never been easier. Specifically made to partner up with our wide belt sanders.

Setting New industry Standards!

Highly Effective

Our WDC-2100 can effectively collect particles smaller than 5 microns.

Low Maintenance

Our system does not require a filter. It recycles the particles  for easy removal. 

TEFC Motor

Equipped with an industrial, all electric motor that is completely enclosed with a fan to cool it.

Your reliable and trustworthy wet dust collector supplier!

Read about our Industrial Wet Dust Collectors

Our stainless steel wet dust collectors effectively collect particles smaller than 5 microns and does not require a filter. It recycles the particles for easy removal and will eliminate matter from becoming combustible dust fires. The material drains down into a water dishpan, which is easily accessible from the front side of the collector. Our wet dust collector system offers safe and efficient method for collecting  hazardous dust particles cause by grinding, sanding, or cutting metals. 

Maintenance is as simple as removing the front door of the wet dust collector and either vacuuming the matter or scooping it right out. The material collection cabinet is entirely made of stainless steel, and can be easily attached to our Wide Belt Sanders with the appropriate ducting system**. Or use on other applications like plasma tables, grinders, sand blasters, and polishing machines. 


If you’re in the market for a stainless steel industrial wet dust collector that helps eliminate hazardous matter from your machine shop that is created by either a grinding, sanding, or a cutting process, then look no further. 

**The ducting system that we provide for our wet dust collectors are made of strong ABS plastic.


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