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Convenient, programmable, and automated metal folding solutions.


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Efficient Sheet Metal Folder with a CNC controller.

Introducing the only Sheet Metal Folder you'll ever need in your fab shop. Our Sheet Metal Folder Machines are equipped with an ESA CNC controller to easily and conveniently program your next bend.  

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A sheet metal folding machine uses compression to fully bend metal across the entirety. Most folders are manufactured to bend light gauge metal for the HVAC, roofing, automotive, sign making and other metal fabrication industries. Our line offers a 48" back gauge that is programmed by a CNC Controller. 

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Let us handle your folding jobs with our Sheet Metal Folders.

ESA VIS-640 Sheet Metal Folder Controller.png

Sheet Metal Folder Controller

ESA VIS-640 6-Axis Controller


  • All-in-one Monoboard

  • Resistive 15 ”Tft LCD HD Touch color screen

  • For all applications up to 6 axes

  • Ergonomic and easy to use HMI

  • 32 + 32 I / O with integrated PLC

  • 1 Ethernet port + 1 optional

  • 2 RS-232 serial ports

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports

  • 4 analog inputs + 2 analog outputs

  • 1 CANopen port

  • Available in 25 languages

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Read about our Sheet Metal Folders

GMC Machine Tools' Sheet Metal Folders have been designed to bend light duty sheet metal. Our CNC Folders are electromechanical and do not use oil to operate. They are equipped with an Italian ESA CNC controller and a sleek 11" touch screen monitor. These robust CNC sheet metal folders have been designed in the USA by our very own  experts.

These sheet metal folding machines were specifically designed for a wide range of industries that demand to be fast, precise, and efficient. Our sheet metal folding machines are ideal for the light duty application like box and pan, panels, flashing, etc. Recommended for metalworking fabricators, in the HVAC, roofing, and sign making industries.

If you're looking for the best Sheet Metal Folder Machines money can buy, then look no further. 

For more information on any of our sheet metal folders, please contact our sales department today. 

A Closer Look At Our Metal Folding Machines

Here's a few screenshots of our controller to help you become more familiar with its functions. There's two videos you can watch to experience our Sheet Metal Folding Machines more up close and personal. 

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