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Quality and reliable metalworking machinery with one year parts only warranty. Metal Cutting Band Saws, Metal Lathes, Gap Bed Lathes, Big Bore Lathes, and Vertical Milling Machines are stocked in the city of Ontario in southern California. 

Our metal cutting band saws are industry standard machinery which are workhorse saws with adjustable horizontal and vertical positions. Our variable speed saw offers you the flexibility to cut different types of metals at slow or fast speeds depending on your application. Cut everything from brass, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and much more. We also have a metalworking Semi-Automatic Band Saw ready to take on any amount of work. This band saw features a hydraulic vise, power down-feed, and bow automatic return.

Our metal lathes are equipped with a quick change gearbox to easily set up for threading. Fully geared-head precision engine lathes with foot brakes ready to turn metal. Our metalworking machinery line offers engine lathes, bed gap metal lathes, large spindle bore lathes, big bore lathes, and for our home DIYers or home machine shops; a benchtop metal lathe which is manufactured for precision, durability, and reliability.

Our highly complimented Gap Bed Lathes feature large spindle bores that range from 1-1/2" to 4-1/8"; Spindle is supported at 3-points with high precision bearings. These metal lathes are fully equipped with a digital readout and taper attachment. Whether you're in a small garage shop in the metalworking industry, or in a large metalworking machine shop; we have the perfect size metal Gap Bed Lathe for you. Our Gap Bed Lathes are a great asset to any metalworking industry and business.

Our metalworking milling machines are high quality industrial grade vertical milling machines that come equipped with a SINO digital readout and power feed. These metalworking mill machines are rigid, precise and durable. Made of “Meehanite” casting, hardened, and grounded dovetail guideways. The mill head can swivel a full 180 degrees. 


If you're looking to add a long lasting piece of metalworking equipment to your machine shop, then look no further.  Our vertical mills are a great asset to any industry and business. For more information please contact our sales representatives today!


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