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Our metalworking metal lathes are designed with user-friendly features, including a quick-change gearbox for effortless threading setup. These precision-engineered geared-head lathes come equipped with foot brakes, ensuring smooth metal turning. Our product line encompasses various lathe types, such as engine lathes, bed gap metal lathes, large spindle bore lathes, and big bore lathes. Additionally, for home DIYers and home machine shops, we offer a benchtop metal lathe renowned for its precision, durability, and reliability.

One of our most sought-after models within the gunsmithing community is the GML-1440HD. This lathe stands out with its impressive array of features and a spindle bore exceeding 2 inches in diameter. The spindle is securely supported at three points by high-quality bearings.

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Machine shop at trade school showing off GMC Machine Tools Lathes and Mills
Trade School showing off GMC Machine Tools Lathes and Mills

"Dont take our word for it.....

This trade school fully stocked their shop floor with our machines. "

SINO (DRO) Digital Readout sold by GMC Machine Tools.

Toolroom High Speed Metal Working Lathes with DRO.

If you're looking to replace your old workhorse let us introduce our 14 x 40 high speed metal working lathes. Our metal lathes are perfect for small machine shops.

Your reliable and trustworthy Metal Working Lathe supplier!

Let us handle your machine shop jobs with our metal working lathes.

High Speed Metal Lathe

Our 14 x 40 metal working lathe is equipped with 8 spindle speeds ranging from a slow 70 RPM to a high speed 2,000 RPM.

Quick-change gear box

Changing gears quickly is priceless. Our metal lathes come equipped with a fast and easy threading knob setup. Turn your desired thread with ease.

Precision at it's best

Our metal lathes are certified to reach tolerances within .0004 Don't believe us, bring your workpiece and attest the repeatability. 

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