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Hydraulic Box and Pan Brakes

A faster solution for sheet metal box and pan production.


Hydraulic Box and Pan Brakes with an adjustable angle auto-stop . 

If you're looking to replace your old workhorse let us introduce our Taiwanese Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brakes to bend material into box and pans. 


Our industrial grade Box and Pan Brakes aka metal finger brakes are constructed of steel for maximum rigidity. Equipped with a robust and quiet German Rexroth hydraulic logic system to clamp your workpiece with ease. Our box and pan brakes are made for simple operation with a conveniently located control panel to place on either side of the hydraulic brake. Easily operate the brake in jog or auto mode to accomplish any bend between 0-135 degrees. This body style is wide, stable, smooth and can be bolted down in place for maximum accuracy.