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gap bed lathes

Turn larger stock with our conventional lathes with bed gap.

GML-2060 Lathe Sold by GMC Machine Tools

Industrial quality and precise Gap Bed Lathes; in stock! 

If you're looking to replace your old workhorse let us introduce our Taiwanese quality Gap Bed. Our lathes offer the convenience of turning larger stock with the removable gap in bed.

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Let us handle your large jobs with our Gap Bed Lathes.

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Our highly complimented Gap Bed Lathes feature large spindle bores that range from 1-1/2" to 4-1/8"; Spindle is supported at 3-points with high precision bearings. These metal lathes are fully equipped with a digital readout and taper attachment. Whether you're in a small garage shop, or in a large metalworking machine shop; we have the perfect size lathe for you. Our Gap Bed Lathes are a great asset to any industry and business.


If you're in the market for a Gap Bed Lathe without having to comprise on quality, then look no further. We are known for precision, durability, and reliability. Manufactured to exceed your expectations! For more information please contact our sales representatives today!

Our Gap Bed Lathes are a great asset to any industry and business. Whether you're in need of a large industrial lathe or in need of replacing your workhorse lathe, our Taiwanese quality metal lathes will provide you with best investment for your money. 


For more information on any of our gap bed conventional lathes, please contact our sales department today. 


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Parts are fairly available for purchase and can ship within the same day.


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