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Angle Iron Benders

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Enhance Efficiency with Our Ring and Angle Roll Benders
| Perfect for Fabrication Shops

Discover the ultimate solution to expedite manual processes in your fabrication shop with our state-of-the-art Ring and Angle Roll Benders. Designed with a versatile two-inch die set, these hydraulic roll benders excel in effortlessly shaping square tubes or pipes, revolutionizing your metalworking projects.

Embraced by industries like fence manufacturing, greenhouse production, roll cage fabrication, and welding shops, our robust hydraulic roll benders are a favorite choice. Experience the seamless convenience of our offerings, all crafted to elevate your metal bending endeavors.

Explore our range of robust hydraulic roll benders, including the option to acquire custom dies for both tube and pipe applications. Additionally, amplify your bending capabilities with our innovative anti-twisting attachment, designed to take your results to the next level.

Choose efficiency, precision, and innovation – choose our Ring and Angle Roll Benders for your metal shaping needs.

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The Supplier You Can Rely on for Trustworthy Angle Iron Benders!

Manual Roll Bender

Introducing the PRB-55H Hydraulic Roll Bender: Elevate Your Metal Bending Game!

Elevate your angle roller experience with the state-of-the-art PRB-55H hydraulic roll bender – a pinnacle of engineering excellence. Meticulously designed, this bender stands out in its ability to flawlessly shape 2"x2" square tubes, 2" pipes, and 2" angle iron with unparalleled precision. It's the ultimate choice for fabrication shops aiming to masterfully manipulate both square tubes and round pipe stocks. Embrace a new era of efficiency and unwavering accuracy for all your bending projects.

Examples of tube rings made by GMC's Angle Iron Benders.

The only angle iron benders you'll ever need!

Roll Bending Tube

Experience the seamless rolling of your applications with our advanced hydraulic roll benders. These benders empower the two driven rolls, significantly enhancing the rolling process for both square and round tubes. Say goodbye to complexity – rolling has never been this effortless.

Pipe Rolling Machines

Unlock unparalleled versatility with the inclusion of custom dies when utilizing this hydraulic roll bender. No matter the industry, this bender is primed to efficiently and reliably complete the task at hand. Seamlessly rolling metal pipes with consistent precision has never been more accessible.

Rolling Angle Tube

Shape angles, spirals, and intricate tube bends effortlessly using our cutting-edge pyramid rolling machine. It's the ultimate solution for companies aiming to skyrocket their productivity and enhance their capabilities.


Hydraulic roll bending machines excel in shaping metal tubes into an array of forms such as rings and angles. With precision at the forefront, each of these machines is equipped with a set of 2" dies, ensuring seamless handling of square tubing. The hydraulic system supporting each driven roll is not only robust but also dependable, enhancing the metal forming process. Operating these roll benders is both intuitive and efficient, outpacing the laborious manual rolling of materials.

The significance of using the right dies during the forming process cannot be overstated. Proper die selection is essential as it prevents workpiece deflection and material imperfections from taking root.

Should you require assistance in determining the ideal hydraulic roll bending machine for your specific application, our dedicated sales department is at your service. Get in touch with us today!

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