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Big Bore Lathes

Meet our powerful and precise metalworking big bore conventional lathes.

GML-2060 Lathe Sold by GMC Machine Tools

Powerful and precise metalworking big bore lathes are in stock! 

If you're looking to replace your old workhorse let us introduce our Taiwanese quality lathes. Our lathes offer large bores that range from 3"- 4-1/8". 

Let us handle your heavy duty jobs with our big bore lathes.


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Read About Our Big Bore Lathes

Our highly requested big bore conventional lathes feature large spindle bores that range from 3" to 4-1/8". All of our big bore lathes are well equipped with a heavy duty spindle, and a large 3 and 4 jaw chucks for both round and square stock. The spindle is balanced, hardened and grounded. It is supported by a high grade 3-point bearing system for maximum performance. Both gears, and bed guideways have been hardened and grounded for ultimate rigidity. They are also equipped with a 4-way tool post that can swivel easily when changing tooling. Our big bore lathes also are equipped with a SINO digital readout and glass scales to guide and help you complete  your production demands. 

GMC's big bore lathes are known for completing large heavy duty jobs and are industry standard. In todays society it is important for our lathes to meet our customers demands and standards, therefore they are ISO 9001 certified. Our powerful big bore lathes offer reliability, quality, and precision to meet our industry professional needs. We stand by our metal lathes and we will exceed your metalworking expectations in any industry.


Our Gap Bed Lathes are a great asset to any industry and business. Whether you're in need of a large big bore lathe or in need of replacing your workhorse lathe, our Taiwanese quality lathes will provide you with best investment for your money. 


For more information on any of our big bore conventional lathes, please contact our sales department today. 

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