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Big Bore Lathes

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Read about our Big Bore Metal Lathes

Our highly sought-after big bore conventional lathes boast substantial spindle bores ranging from 3 inches to 4-1/8 inches. Each of these lathes is meticulously outfitted with a robust spindle and sizable 3 and 4 jaw chucks, accommodating both round and square stock. The spindle is meticulously balanced, hardened, and ground for optimal performance. It is fortified by a high-grade 3-point bearing system, ensuring top-notch functionality. Furthermore, both gears and bed guideways have been subjected to hardening and grinding processes to achieve utmost rigidity. These lathes are also furnished with a versatile 4-way tool post, facilitating smooth tool changes. Additionally, our big bore lathes are equipped with a SINO digital readout and glass scales, providing invaluable guidance to meet your production demands.

GMC's big bore lathes are renowned for tackling substantial, heavy-duty tasks and are considered an industry standard. In today's demanding industrial landscape, our lathes have earned ISO 9001 certification to consistently meet our customers' rigorous standards. Our powerful big bore lathes offer a trifecta of reliability, quality, and precision, catering to the needs of industry professionals. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering metal lathes that surpass your metalworking expectations across diverse industries.

Our Gap Bed Lathes are a valuable asset for any industry and business. Whether you require a substantial big bore lathe or are looking to replace your workhorse lathe, our Taiwanese-made lathes guarantee the best return on your investment.

For further information on any of our big bore conventional lathes, please don't hesitate to reach out to our sales department today.

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GML-2060 Lathe Sold by GMC Machine Tools

Powerful and precise metalworking big bore lathes are in stock! 

If you're looking to replace your old workhorse let us introduce our Taiwanese quality lathes. Our lathes offer large bores that range from 3"- 4-1/8". 

Your reliable and trustworthy Big Bore Metal Lathe supplier!

Entrust your heavy-duty tasks to our robust big bore lathes.

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Large Swing Over Bed

Offering the best solution for chucking large workpieces. Our big bore lathes can handle 20" to 32" metal stock. Heavy duty chucks are included!

Gap in Bed Feature

Having a gap in bed is important when you need to turn larger diameters. Extend the overall swing over bed with ease. 

Precision at it's best

Our big bore lathes are certified to reach tolerances within .0004 Don't believe us, bring your workpiece and attest the repeatability. 

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