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  • Comparing GMC Machine Tools Wide Belt Sanders vs. Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders

    Wide belt sanders are vital tools in metalworking, providing the necessary precision and finish for various projects. GMC Machine Tools and Timesavers are two prominent brands, each offering unique advantages. This post delves into the features, performance, and overall value of their wide belt sanders, highlighting why GMC Machine Tools might be the better deal for your workshop. GMC Machine Tools Wide Belt Sanders GMC Machine Tools has established a reputation for producing industrial-grade metalworking machinery that excels in durability and performance. Here are some key features of their wide belt sanders: - Robust Design: Built for heavy-duty tasks, GMC sanders are known for their sturdy construction, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding environments. - Versatile Belt Widths: With options ranging from 25" to 63", these sanders accommodate a variety of metalworking needs, making them suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations. - Wet Dust Collectors: GMC includes wet dust collectors in some models, enhancing safety by preventing combustible dust fires and improving air quality in the workspace. Timesavers Wide Belt Sanders Timesavers is another well-regarded brand in the metalworking industry, offering a range of wide belt sanders that focus on precision and advanced technology. Their sanders feature: Diverse Models: From entry-level to high-end industrial models, Timesavers provides a wide selection to meet different budget and performance requirements. Advanced Features: Incorporating technologies like automatic thickness calibration and variable feed speeds, Timesavers sanders are designed for high precision and ease of use. Customization Options: Timesavers offers extensive customization to tailor the machine to specific operational needs, enhancing versatility and functionality. Key Comparisons Performance and Precision: - GMC: Emphasizes reliability and straightforward functionality, making it ideal for consistent heavy-duty use. - Timesavers: Focuses on high-tech features and customization, providing greater precision for specialized tasks. Technology: - GMC: Prioritizes essential industrial features, ensuring robust performance without unnecessary complexities. - Timesavers: Offers sophisticated automation and precision technologies, catering to high-end, niche applications. Safety and Dust Management: - GMC: Integrated wet dust collectors significantly enhance safety by preventing dust-related fires and improving air quality. - Timesavers: Uses advanced filtration systems but generally does not include the integrated wet dust collectors found in GMC models. Pricing and Value: - GMC: More cost-effective, offering excellent value for industrial-grade performance and essential safety features. - Timesavers: Higher initial investment, with costs justified by advanced features and customization options. Why GMC Machine Tools is the Better Deal - Cost-Effectiveness: GMC wide belt sanders provide industrial-grade performance at a more affordable price, making them accessible for a broader range of businesses. - Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand heavy use, GMC sanders offer long-term value through their robust construction and dependable performance. - Enhanced Safety: The inclusion of wet dust collectors in some models sets GMC apart, ensuring a safer working environment by mitigating dust-related hazards. - Simplicity and Efficiency: While Timesavers offers high-tech options, GMC focuses on delivering straightforward, efficient machines that get the job done with minimal fuss. When it comes to choosing between GMC Machine Tools and Timesavers for wide belt sanders, GMC stands out as the better deal for most metalworking operations. Their sanders combine cost-effectiveness, durability, and safety, making them an excellent investment for businesses looking to optimize their metal finishing processes without breaking the bank. For more information, visit and explore our range of wide belt sanders.

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  • High-Performance Hydraulic Press Brakes - Precision & Reliability | GMC Machine Tools

    Hydraulic Press Brakes Request A Quote For all machinery orders* Support Phone, video, or chat Replacement parts in stock 1-Year parts warranty Free Shipping Parts Warranty GMC Machine Tools: Leading the Industry in Hydraulic Press Brakes Welcome to GMC Machine Tools, your premier destination where precision meets reliability in the realm of Hydraulic Press Brakes. As a leading industry manufacturer, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier machinery that surpasses expectations, empowering businesses to thrive. With a focus on innovation, advanced technology, and impeccable craftsmanship, we stand out as the go-to choice for unrivaled precision and efficiency. Join us as we delve into the world of Hydraulic Press Brakes, unraveling their functionalities, benefits, and what sets GMC Machine Tools apart from the rest. Hydraulic Press Brakes New Arrival 70-Ton 6’ CNC Press Brake with 3-Axis Price $46,850.00 70-Ton 6’ CNC Press Brake with 2-Axis ESA S625 CNC Controller Regular Price $38,850.00 Sale Price $33,850.00 Training Available 45-Ton 4’ CNC Press Brake – Small Hydraulic Press Brake Regular Price $37,850.00 Sale Price $33,850.00 Training Available 33-Ton 5’ CNC Press Brake – Small Hydraulic Press Brake Regular Price $21,850.00 Sale Price $19,850.00 Hi-Performance Hydraulic Press Brakes ranging from 45 Ton - 70 Ton. Embark on your journey to enhance your metalworking capabilities with GMC Machine Tools, the ultimate destination for Press Brakes. With a steadfast dedication to precision, versatility, and innovation, backed by unmatched customer support, we stand out in the industry. Count on GMC Machine Tools to provide state-of-the-art Press Brakes that redefine excellence and propel your business to unprecedented success. Contact us today to unlock the potential that awaits you! Request A Quote! Comprehensive CNC Press Brake Training: Empowering Operators for Success At GMC Machine Tools, we offer extensive CNC Hydraulic Press Brake training to ensure operators maximize the performance of our cutting-edge equipment. Our training programs cover: ​ In-Depth Machine Knowledge: Learn functionalities, control systems, and programming. Hands-On Training: Optimize machine settings, program intricate bends, and utilize the CNC control interface. Practical Scenarios: Focus on material handling, tooling selection, safety protocols, and maintenance guidelines. ​ Our goal is to empower operators, minimize downtime, and enhance productivity. Contact us to discover how our training programs can elevate your operational efficiency. Purchase CNC Press Brake Training Your reliable and trustworthy Press Brake supplier! CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Channel Play Video Play Video 00:26 70 Ton Press Brake forming stainless steel pan Experience the effortless power of our GMC Machine Tools 70 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake as it seamlessly transforms stainless steel into a perfectly shaped pan. Discover the remarkable precision and simplicity of our hydraulic press brake in action, showcasing its remarkable capability to craft intricate forms with ease. Join us to witness the fusion of technology and craftsmanship in shaping metal with unparalleled finesse. Play Video Play Video 00:13 70 Ton - Hydraulic Press Brake Video of GMC Machine Tools 70 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake sitting in a warehouse ready to operate. Play Video Play Video 00:32 45 Ton CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Running a simulation program on our 45 Ton CNC Hydraulic Press Brake and a quick zoom in to the ESA CNC controller. Play Video Play Video 00:21 Customer bending 1/8" material Customer forming 90 degree bends running our 6-foot 70 ton CNC Press Brake with ease. HYDARULIC PRESS BRAKE FORMING Hydraulic Press Brake forming is a highly efficient and adaptable technique for shaping metal sheets and plates. Using hydraulic cylinders, this method applies precise pressure to bend materials into desired shapes with exceptional accuracy. Key benefits include: ​ Precision and Control: Adjustable settings for exact bends. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. Flexibility: Capable of creating sharp angles, intricate curves, and straight bends. Advanced Technology: Enables intricate designs and meets stringent tolerances. ​ Harnessing advanced technology, Hydraulic Press Brake forming empowers manufacturers to produce top-tier finished products with meticulous precision. Hydraulic Press Brake Tooling: Enhancing Precision and Versatility In the domain of Hydraulic Press Brake machinery, tooling emerges as a pivotal element for achieving exact bends, folds, and shapes. Tooling encompasses the assortment of dies and punches meticulously chosen and integrated into the press brake, shaping metal to precise specifications. At GMC Machine Tools, we recognize the paramount importance of premium tooling in optimizing performance and yielding outstanding outcomes. Hemming Tools ​ Hemming tools are used to create folded edges, commonly employed in applications such as automotive panels, appliances, and architectural components. They ensure clean, sharp edges and precise folding angles. V-Dies V-dies are the most common type of press brake tooling, featuring a V-shaped profile. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and can accommodate different thicknesses of sheet metal. Gooseneck Punches Gooseneck punches are versatile tools designed to facilitate complex bends and shapes. With their unique gooseneck shape, they enable deep penetration into the metal, offering enhanced flexibility and creativity in the bending process. Flattening Dies Flattening dies are employed when precise flattening or straightening of the material is required. They ensure uniformity and consistency in the flattened sections, eliminating distortions and irregularities. ESA S625 Controller 3-Axis CNC Controller MAIN FEATURES: All-in-one monoboard Resistive type 7 ”Touch color screen Management of up to 3 axes, ideal for shears Clear and ergonomic HMI for intuitive use Simple programming even for complex cuts 16 + 12 I / O with integrated PLC 1 Ethernet port 1 RS-232 serial port 1 USB 2.0 port 2 analog inputs + 2 analog outputs 1 CANopen port Available in 25 languages Read about our Hydraulic Press Brakes I. Understanding Hydraulic Press Brakes: The Power of Precisi on ​ At GMC Machine Tools, we recognize the significance of hydraulic press brakes in various industries. Hydraulic press brakes are versatile machines designed to bend and shape sheet metal with exceptional accuracy and control. They employ hydraulic force to apply pressure, enabling the operator to achieve precise bends, folds, and shapes with ease. ​ 1.1 Hydraulic Press Brake Components: A Harmonious Symphony ​ To comprehend the inner workings of hydraulic press brakes, let's delve into their key components: Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic pump, valves, cylinders, and hoses, ensuring consistent and powerful force transmission. Bed and Ram: The bed provides a stable platform for the workpiece, while the ram applies downward force to bend the metal. Together, they guarantee optimal stability and control throughout the bending process. Backgauge System: A reliable backgauge system ensures precise and repeatable positioning of the workpiece, enhancing overall accuracy. Control System: Advanced control systems, such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control), offer intuitive interfaces, programming flexibility, and real-time monitoring capabilities, maximizi ng productivity and efficiency. ​ 1.2 Unleashing the Benefits of Hydraulic Press Brakes ​ Hydraulic press brakes have gained immense popularity across industries for several reasons: Precision: The hydraulic system's consistent force, coupled with advanced control systems, enables precise bending angles and repeatability, resulting in superior quality end-products. Versatility: Hydraulic press brakes can handle a wide range of materials, from thin sheets to thick plates, making them ideal for diverse applications. Efficiency: With faster cycle times and reduced setup requirements, hydraulic press brakes optimize production processes, boosting overall efficiency. Safety: GMC Machine Tools prioritizes operator safety by incorporating advanced safety features, such as laser guards, two-hand controls, and emergency stop buttons, ensuring a secure working environment. ​ II. GMC Machine Tools: Redefining Excellence in Hydraulic Press Brakes 2.1 Unrivaled Engineering and Craftsmanship ​ When it comes to hydraulic press brakes, GMC Machine Tools stands at the forefront of innovation and quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every machine we produce. Here's why businesses choose GMC Machine Tools: Advanced Technology: We embrace cutting-edge technologies, incorporating servo-driven systems and CNC controls to optimize precision, speed, and productivity. Superior Construction: Our hydraulic press brakes feature robust frames, high-quality components, and meticulous assembly, ensuring durability and longevity. Customization Options: GMC Machine Tools understands that each business has unique requirements. Hence, we offer customization options to tailor our machines to your specific needs. ​ 2.2 Unparalleled Customer Support and Service ​ At GMC Machine Tools, we go beyond delivering exceptional machinery. We believe in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients through exemplary customer support and service: Expert Guidance: Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians provide expert guidance, assisting you in choosing the right hydraulic press brake for your applications. Installation and Training: We offer comprehensive installation services and training programs to ensure seamless integration and optimal utilization of our machines. Maintenance and Repairs: Our dedicated service team is readily available to provide routine maintenance, repairs, and timely support, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Metal Press Brakes and CNC Press Brakes: Unleashing Precision and Efficiency In the realm of metalworking, achieving precise bending and shaping is paramount, and this is where Hydraulic Press Brake machinery, including metal press brakes and CNC press brakes, excels. At GMC Machine Tools, we lead the industry with our diverse range of these advanced machines, renowned for their unmatched precision and efficiency. Metal press brakes stand as versatile tools engineered specifically for bending and shaping various metals. From thin sheets to thick plates, these machines provide the power and control necessary for accurate bends with exceptional repeatability. With our cutting-edge metal press brakes, handling materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper becomes effortless, ensuring consistent quality and precise results. Taking precision to new heights, our CNC press brakes seamlessly integrate hydraulic force with the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Offering enhanced accuracy, speed, and flexibility, CNC press brakes feature advanced control systems and programmable capabilities. With intuitive interfaces and real-time monitoring, operators can effortlessly create complex bends, intricate shapes, and precise angles. The integration of CNC technology ensures every bend is executed with meticulous accuracy, resulting in superior quality end-products and minimized waste. At GMC Machine Tools, we recognize the unique requirements of every business. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of metal press brakes and CNC press brakes, ensuring you find the perfect machine to suit your specific needs. Meticulously engineered with the latest technological advancements and robust construction, our machines guarantee durability, reliability, and optimal performance. By choosing GMC Machine Tools' metal press brakes or CNC press brakes, you're investing in precision, efficiency, and productivity. Our machines streamline metalworking processes, reduce setup times, and maximize output, ultimately driving increased profitability. Whether you're a small workshop or a large-scale production facility, our machinery is designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your success. Experience the power of precision and efficiency with GMC Machine Tools' metal press brakes and CNC press brakes. Contact us today to explore our range, discuss your requirements, and discover how we can elevate your metalworking capabilities. Trust GMC Machine Tools as your partner in precision metalworking. free shipping! No expensive freight fees on our Hydraulic Press Brakes! *only to the lower 48 States Finance Our Hydraulic Press Brakes The Hydraulic Press Brakes you need at a price you can afford. START TODAY, FINANCE NOW Request More Info Serving the most trusted brands in the world. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • Warranty | Machine Tools Supplier | GMC Machine Tools

    GMC Machine Tools Warranty GMC warranties all machinery sold against failure of defective workmanship or materials which occurs after the product is professionally installed within product specifications and during normal use and operation for the period of one (1) year. We will replace all parts, that our inspection shows to be defective from a manufacturing standpoint. Warranty parts will be shipped free of charge to original purchaser. Labor and or all travel expenses are not included in the warranty and will be charged additionally at market rate should on site repair be ever needed. Lifetime FREE phone support for original purchaser! If Purchaser decides to return machines within the 1st 30 days of the purchase date, they may do so only with written agreement from GMC, freight prepaid. All machinery returned must be in same condition received. After GMC inspects the machinery, equipment, GMC will charge a 35% restocking charge due to retuned machines can only be resold as PRE-OWNED OR DEMO WITH reduced market value and limited warranty. GMC at no time will be liable for injuries, death, property damage, and any consequential damages that result from using our machinery, improper use, improper set up, and installation. Any legal action brought against GMC shall be tried in the State of California County of San Bernardino County. GMC reserves the right to make specification changes at any time to better improve their product lines to continue to deliver the quality products our customers are used to. ​ Any machine that has a voltage change, phase converter installed after purchase, or if you forget to add oil into the machine will automatically void warranty. Buyer is fully responsible for parts and labor. We truly hope you will never need to use this warranty and you have our commitment to work with you diligently If support is ever needed. We look forward to being of service now and in the future. Sincerely, GMC Machine Tools 2001 Elm Court Ontario CA 91761 Tel: 909-947-7787

  • Metal Machinery Catalog | Machine Tools Supplier | GMC Machine Tools

    catalog Download our GMC Machine Tools product catalog. If you need one mailed to you please contact us and we can put one in the mail for you today! CATALOG PDF CALENDAR

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