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Comparing GMC Machine Tools 70 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake with Baileigh's 70 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

Choosing the right hydraulic press brake is crucial for your manufacturing needs. Both GMC Machine Tools and Baileigh offer impressive 70-ton hydraulic press brakes, but the GMC HPB-7006CNC-3R stands out for several reasons. Let's compare the two to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features:

Advanced Control System:

   - ESA (Italy) Model 630, 3-Axis CNC Controller.

   - 10” Touch screen for easy navigation.

   - Features like programmable angle correction, 2D graphic drawing mode, and bend sequence optimization ensure precision and ease of use.

High-Quality Components:

   - Uses top-notch components such as the Germany Rexroth hydraulic system and Yaskawa Servo motors and drives.

   - All-steel construction provides maximum rigidity and durability.

Safety and Compliance:

   - Meets ISO 9001 certification and complies with OSHA and CE safety standards.

   - Equipped with safety features like Lntech Light Curtain System, side and back safety fences, and a safety-type foot pedal with an E-stop switch.

Hydraulic Press Brake Punch and Die set


   - Maximum pressure: 70 tons.

   - Bending length capacity: 80” (6’ 8”).

   - High precision with a Y-axis repeatability of .0039”.


   - Includes 24” front support arms, quick-release segmented punch holder, and a full-length Vee die with multiple sizes.

   - Offers options for on-site training and custom tooling.


   - Priced at approximately $46,850, it provides excellent value for its advanced features and robust build.

Key Features:

CNC Control:

   - Features a Delem DA-58T Touchscreen CNC Controller.

   - Provides graphical programming for ease of use and accuracy.

Build Quality:

   - Solid steel construction ensures durability.

   - Hydraulic system and electrical components are built to high standards, but specific brands and quality details are less emphasized.

Safety Features:

   - Includes light curtains, side, and rear safety guards.

   - Meets standard safety certifications, ensuring safe operation.


   - Maximum pressure: 70 tons.

   - Bending length capacity: 98” (8’ 2”), slightly longer than the GMC model.

   - Y-axis repeatability is good, ensuring precision.

Ease of Use:

   - Equipped with features like a quick-release tool holder and adjustable back gauge.

   - Includes a basic set of punches and dies, with additional tooling available at extra cost.


   - Priced around $69,850, which is significantly higher than the GMC model.

Why GMC Machine Tools Offers a Better Deal

1. Cost Efficiency:

   - The GMC press brake is substantially cheaper at $46,850 compared to Baileigh’s $69,850, making it more accessible for small to medium-sized businesses.

2. Advanced Control and Features:

   - The ESA (Italy) Model 630, 3-Axis CNC Controller in the GMC model offers extensive programming capabilities and user-friendly features like a 10” touchscreen and 2D graphic drawing mode.

3. High-Quality Components:

   - GMC uses high-quality components from reputed brands like Germany Rexroth and Yaskawa, ensuring reliability and performance.

4. Safety and Compliance:

   - Both machines meet safety standards, but GMC’s emphasis on components like the Lntech Light Curtain System and comprehensive safety features ensure peace of mind.

5. Precision and Versatility:

   - With precise repeatability and versatile tooling options, the GMC press brake is ideal for complex and varied bending operations.

In conclusion, while both GMC and Baileigh offer robust and capable hydraulic press brakes, GMC Machine Tools provides superior value through advanced features, high-quality components, and a significantly lower price point. This makes it the preferred choice for cost-conscious buyers seeking reliable and efficient press brakes for their manufacturing needs.

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