Finish Pro Wet Dust Collector - WDC-2100

Finish Pro Wet Dust Collector - WDC-2100

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5HP 208-230V/460V, 3-phase, 60 Hz

  • Wet dust collection systems offer more safe and efficient method for collection of hazardous grinding/sanding/cutting dust generated by a variety of processes.

    The GMC wet dust collector offers many superior features.


    CABINET - made of welded stainless steel construction


    FRONT DOOR - easily removed for maintenance & cleaning and equipped with an explosion relief flap.


    MOTOR - T.E.F.C.  208-230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz (other voltages also available)


    ELECTRICAL CONTROL - push button motor starter with thermal overloads


    IMPELLER - standard, precision balanced, direct coupled to the motor for maximum CFM with minimum vibration (also stainless steel)


    INTERNAL INDUCERS - a system of internal spray inducers remove dust particles from air flow and causes them to settle in water tank


    SOUND SUPRESSOR - the unique motor cover design keeps noise level to a minimum.


    AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROL - allows for user’s connection to a water supply line for automatic maintenance of proper operating water level.


    CLEANING TOOL - made of stainless steel and provided for the easy removal of grinding dust from the water tank.